Electronic Product Design and Manufacturing

We are Nigeria based manufacturing company, we design and create world-class customized technologies for individuals, companies and industries

Online Store for Electronics Components

We make electronics components and materials easily accessible to makers across Africa through our online platform and delivery

CloudX Makerspace Commmunity

With our CMC we are expanding the hardware maker community across Africa, bringing more people into electronic hardware manufacturing by creating a platform where people can learn, make, collaborate and share electronic products ideas.

CloudX Microcontroller Board

The CloudX microcontroller is the first  opensource hardware and software single-board  microcontroller developed in Africa, It is developed to promote DIY electronic projects to help kids, students, hobbyists, Inventors and experts create advanced projects in the area of Robotics, Automation, Control system, Audio and Signal processing, Computer Vision and serial communication, Displays, Wireless, Biometrics and Security, Sensors using its libraries.

With CloudX microcontroller board series, we train people how to build electronic gadgets they can sell to the market and promoting robotics competitions in schools and universities across Africa.

We connect hardware makers and clients together through our platform where hobbyists can learn, make and share their projects at CloudX Nigeria.
Bytehub Embedded
About Us
Bytehub Embedded is a technology manufacturing company in Nigeria, it focuses on developing products to promote businesses, products to help build up inventors and tech engineers and also to spread technology designs across Africa.
Our Mission & Visions

“To change the way people see and use technology.” and to be to be the world most advanced technology company making life smarter and grow businesses all across the globe.

We develop products for client with standard and reliable materials.
Core Value

We are determined to add value in all that we do – in the best way possible and to the best of our ability. We work together to grow our people, markets and businesses around the world, to consistently create solutions that win in the marketplace and meet, or even exceed, our customer’s expectations.

We are determined and energized to achieve our shared vision, mission, and strategic objectives together. The dedication to a common purpose stands behind our commitments to customers, partners, other stakeholders and one another, driving us to excellence in our results and in how
we achieve them.

Along with our passion to succeed and prosper as individuals, as teams and as business, we also reach to express our genuine care and responsibility for one another, our communities and the broader world community. We rally around those in difficulty to understand their troubles and actively help them with our time, energy and money.

Embedded Software

Embedded systems are where the software meets the physical world. As we put tiny computers into all sorts of systems (door locks, airplanes, pacemakers), how we implement the software is truly, terrifyingly important. Writing software for these products can be quite difficult because the systems have so few resources. We at Bytehub Embedded has committed ourself in turning all your product ideas into physical reality.

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Looking for a professional business partner? – No problem.

By doing business or working with us you will have a reliable partner which has industrial know-how in design and manufacturing of electronic systems. Collaborating with us will save you resources and free you from worry.

About Us

Bytehub Embedded is a Hardware and Software technology manufacturing company in Nigeria that focuses on developing products to promote businesses and education.

We also develop products and kits to help spread DIY technology across Nigeria and Africa. We also have online Electronics Components sales and delivery platform to take electronic design closer to people and hobyists.

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